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Dec 04, 2019 · Recent findings from Y chromosome comparisons between fathers and sons put the origin of global Y chromosome differences around 4,500 years ago. This timescale predicts that the last few thousand years of human population growth should be reflected in most of the branches of the Y chromosome tree.

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Conclusions: 132 men tested positive for antisperm antibodies. They were treated for 1.5-4.5 months with a Chinese herbal formula Ju He Wan. After treatment, 120 (91%) tested negative for antisperm antibodies (compared to only 45% of the group treated with prednisone). 74 of these same men conceived after 1.5-3 months of treatment.

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New package CoMiRe with initial version 0.7 Package: CoMiRe Type: Package Title: Convex Mixture Regression Version: 0.7 Date: 2020-12-15 Author: Antonio Canale [aut, cre], Daniele Durante [ctb], Arianna Falcioni [aut], Luisa Galtarossa [aut], Tommaso Rigon [ctb]

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The antiplane problem is turned into the boundary value problem of partial differential equation. By constructing proper Westergaard stress function and using the periodicity of the hyperbolic function, the antiplane problem of the periodic parallel cracks degenerates into an algebra problem.

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From the formula of the Poisson distribution given in Chapter 12 one can compute that phigh = 0.008 and pusual = 0.820. Since events on different days are independent according to the Poisson process model, the probability p of a pattern as in the figure is p = p5usual · phigh · p5usual = 0.0011.