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Oct 10, 2012 · Pat Craig's original location in Lyons (yes) CO. This is a KWGN Ch. 2 News story from 1992 or so with reporter Chris Jenkins, back when we got 2:20 to tell a story. I think Tigger jumped up on me ...

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Although Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary's primary mission is to save and protect at-risk creatures, educating the public is also a major goal. When staff members lead guided tours throughout the grounds, they not only teach guests about the sanctuary's exotic reptiles, birds, and big cats, but also explain the importance of preserving ... These pages contain information about Wisconsin's rare animals, including where they are found in the state, their level of legal protection and photos. Life history and management considerations are available for many species, and new information is continually being added. Meet animals from faraway lands all in one place. The Exotic Animal Experience (E.A.E.) features a unique and hands-on adventure that you and your family will remember. At our private, seven-acre interactive zoo, your party will get to meet many different animal species in a safe and highly socialized environment.

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Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe-haven for animals of all types while providing educational and cultural experiences for all visitors. The historical seven acre property offers a serene home retreat for over 500 exotic birds and domestic animals that have found a refuge when their owners can no longer care for them.

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At LaMancha we rescue and rehabilitate dogs, cats, horses and an occasional pig in hopes of finding a them forever homes. We are a non-profit supported by a network of passionate volunteers Donations are always welcomed.

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If your bird has had a health check with an Avian Vet within the last two years, then please go to Apply for Rehoming and complete the form attached; Email a clear photo of your bird/s (see our Birds for adoption album for e.g) and a copy of your birds health certificate. Email details will be provided on your applicatoin form confirmation email.