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pistol compensators are not evil features. legal to use. I have also heard that the compensator has to be permanently attached.Sale 1911 Five Chamber Compensator Egw And Thermold Ar 15 223 Mag Loader Reviews : You finding where to buy Sale 1911 Five Chamber Compensator Egw And Thermold Ar 15 223 Mag Loader for cheap best price.

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Aug 23, 2018 · Functionally, it's a recoil compensator. What makes a muzzle brake different than a compensator that you might use on a pistol? Basically, a muzzle brake on a pistol is called a "compensator" but if you use it on a rifle - or for that matter, something bigger - it's called a "muzzle brake" but it all adds up to the same thing. Buy Wilson Combat 1911 Compensator And Colt 1911 1991a1 Government Model Pistol 38 Super 5in 9rd Wilson Combat 1911 Compensator And Colt 1911 1991a1 Government

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Jan 11, 2013 · Is the Removable Compensator Dangerous I have a 500 magnum and it came with 2 interchangeable compensators; one for lead bullets and one for jacketed. Is there any danger in shooting the wrong type of bullet with the wrong compensator?

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Well, these statements might be a whimsical stretch. But one of Browning’s related-versions, the Kimber Aegis Elite Pro 9mm Compact 1911, is an ingenious combination of beauty and performance with some very nice features included. Thanks to Kimber America for sending me this Aegis Elite Pro 9mm Compact 1911 to review. The flat black finish is also reminiscent of World War II production. The barrel is 16.5 inches in length as required by law, and is finished in a dull blue like the originals were. The Cutts-style compensator is also blued and is marked with the Thompson “bullet” logo, the compensator is now secured to the barrel with a crosspin.

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1911-02-14 1910-02-17 Application filed by John M Browning filed Critical John M Browning 1910-02-17 Priority to US54440010A priority Critical patent/US984519A/en 1911-02-14 Application granted granted Critical 1911-02-14 Publication of US984519A publication Critical patent/US984519A/en 1928-02-14 Anticipated expiration legal-status Critical